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    Prednisone and exercises designed specifically to learn about the peculiarities of the human psyche.

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“Magic is just another word for psychic” - Carl Gustav Jung.

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The very same tips and practical recommendations presented in the lessons are important not just to check or apply once, but to systematically introduce them into your daily activities. Get in the habit of always remembering that you are studying human psychology - this will automatically make you want to apply something new in life over and over again.

The skill of applying psychological knowledge in practice will eventually become refined and automatic, because it depends more on experience. And our lessons are precisely aimed at teaching you how to get this experience and give it the right direction.

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There are different types of such games and exercises: for children and for adults, mass and single, for men and for women, arbitrary and purposeful, etc. The use of psychological games and exercises helps people understand others and themselves, form some qualities and get rid of others, etc.

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This includes exercises for the development of various qualities, overcoming stress, increasing self-esteem, role-playing, developmental, health games and many other games and exercises.

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This category of additional materials includes any printed publications devoted to the topic of human psychology.


They contain a huge amount of useful theoretical and practical information, which can take many months and years to study. Books, textbooks, and journal articles can be authored by both professional psychologists and amateur researchers.

It is important to be able to choose the highest quality from the whole variety of existing editions, i.e. informative, readable and popular with readers.

Psychological experiments are called experiments conducted in social conditions to obtain new psychological knowledge. Experiments can be carried out by specialist scientists and ordinary people who want to gain some knowledge of psychology.

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Below, as a supplement, we provide several such quotes.

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